About SoundSport



SoundSport® events showcase instrumental ensembles of any instrumentation and any skill level year-round, spotlighting their unique talents and creativity like never before.

  • SoundSport®’s goal is to be local, low cost and entertaining for both the participants and the audience
  • SoundSport® teams can be colleges, high schools, middle schools, independent, alumni corps, small drum corps or whatever you can dream up
  • There are no age restrictions and all instruments are legal
  • SoundSport® teams consist of five or more members
  • Shows are 5-7 minutes in length with a focus on music
  • The performance area is 20 yards deep and 30 yards wide

• Virtual Performances – ongoing online exhibitions, contests and tournaments, featuring performance videos submitted from teams competing to score points, prizes and bragging rights against other groups from every continent—all in an environment where everyone can be a judge!

• Live Competitive Events – held throughout the year in a wide variety of exciting settings and environments, featuring a new level of entertainment-focused competition on high-energy, up-close performance stages smaller than the traditional American football stadium.