SoundSport® competitions feature 3 judges who evaluate Music, Visual and Overall Impression. Execution is important as in any marching music competition; however SoundSport® will place additional emphasis on audience engagement and showmanship. Remember, SoundSport® is designed for achieving the best combination of both excellence and fan enjoyment!

While teams are “adjudicated” there are no numerical scores. Instead, achievement levels in the form of medal ratings will be awarded to each group as an indicator of the team’s success in meeting specified adjudication criteria.

The goal of each team should be to attain excellence in everything they do. Concentrate on achieving your best performance for the greatest chance of succeeding in competition.

A panel of experts from the marching music arts community will support SoundSport teams by means of insightful, educational commentary. Feedback from the adjudication panel will inform SoundSport teams’ ongoing development as a marching music ensemble.

The table below will be used to establish the overall rating for each team. Essentially, the majority will prevail in determining the award level. If a team receives 2 Gold and 1 Silver, the overall award will be gold. If there is a three-way split in the judges’ decisions (Gold, Silver, Bronze), a Silver overall distinction will be awarded.

Rating 1Rating 2Rating 3Overall Rating

At the conclusion of the contest, judges will deliberate to decide “best in class” ensembles and a “best of show” recipient. When determining the best of show recipient, the judge panel should give consideration to the Overall Impression as a main factor in awarding the distinction.

Judging Sheets: