Rules & FAQ

What is the goal of SoundSport®?

SoundSport® is designed to provide unique performance opportunities for instrumental music ensembles of all types, in a dynamic environment. The goal is to assist in the creation of – and provide performance opportunities to – local, low cost and entertaining instrumental ensembles which provide a great experience for both the participants and the audience alike!

What comprises a SoundSport® team?

SoundSport® teams can hail from colleges, high schools, middle schools and can also be independent groups, alumni drum corps, small marching bands, pep bands, corporate-based groups, neighborhood and rec center teams or whatever you can dream up! Teams can also be subsets of larger organizations or bands, some of which may choose to create multiple teams, each with a unique style, personality and repertoire.

What are the SoundSport® rules?

Click on any of the links below to view the 2019 SoundSport rulebooks!

2019 SoundSport Rulebook- Challenge Class

2019 SoundSport Rulebook – Medalist Class

2019 SoundSport Rulebook- Festival Class

What are the age and instrumentation restrictions?

There are no age restrictions and all musical instruments may be used.

Can a SoundSport® team include color guard members?

Background dancers, traditional color guard members, baton twirlers, gymnasts, acrobats and other similar performers may accompany SoundSport® teams. Contact with any questions to discuss your unique ideas.

What is the size of a SoundSport® team?

Teams can consist of 5 or more members.

What is the length of a SoundSport® production?

Each team’s show should be between 5 and 7 minutes in length.

What is the performance area for SoundSport®?

The performance area is 20 yards deep by 30 yards wide. The SoundSport performance area does not include yard lines, however, markers will be placed every five yards around the perimeter.

Will SoundSport® be divided into divisions/classes?

There are six competitive classes for SoundSport®:

1. Cadet (13 years and under) with 5-50 members
2. Cadet (13 years and under) with 51 or more members
3. Youth (up to 21 years) with 5-50 members
4. Youth (up to 21 years) with 51 or more members
5. All-Age with 5-50 members
6. All-Age with 51 or more members

Age class will be determined by the oldest member of an ensemble. As more teams join SoundSport®, additional competitive classes may be added to best suit the performing ensembles.

When we participate in SoundSport®, where do we stay if overnight accommodations are needed?

One of the goals of the SoundSport® program is to help keep participating teams’ budgets low by holding events that will allow for day trips, eliminating the need for overnight lodging.

In the event that a team is traveling to a major SoundSport® event and will need overnight lodging, they will need to obtain their own motel or hotel housing. Staying is schools is not an option for SoundSport® Teams especially in and around Drum Corps International events.