Start a Team

Whether you have participated in DCI’s DrumLine Battle™ program, had an active drum and bugle corps in the past, have started a new organization or have performed at a past Drum Corps International Event in exhibition, we are excited to welcome you to the SoundSport program.

A program of Drum Corps International, SoundSport® is designed to provide unique performance opportunities for instrumental music ensembles of all types, in a dynamic environment. The goal is to assist in the creation of – and provide performance opportunities to – local, low cost and entertaining instrumental ensembles which provide a great experience for both the participants and the audience alike!

We have compiled some of our very best success tips for new ensembles below. Please read through all of the information to assist in the planning for your SoundSport team! If you are interested in becoming an official participant in SoundSport, please submit the Sign Up form at the bottom of this page to schedule a consultation call with our development team.

Ensemble Size and Schedule:

  • Don’t stress about trying to recruit a large group in year one. We suggest a year one configuration of 3 high brass, 2 mid brass, 4 low brass and one set player. 10 players is all you need to get going. We “right-sized” the SoundSport stage to display the talents of smaller groups.
  • 6-8 good rehearsal days are all you need to put a good show together. Don’t over-schedule rehearsals.
  • If you move, you don’t have to move every single count of your show. Some “park and blows” are encouraged to show off your musical skills. Just make sure you’re keeping the audience interested.

Rogues Hollow Regiment (Doylestown, OH) started with 15 members


  • Don’t own a lot of equipment, borrow as much as you can. Have members use their own instruments (they don’t have to match!).
  • Try using a drum set or small auxiliary rack system to provide your percussion sound. Marching a full drum line is very expensive!
  • Don’t feel obligated to purchase traditional uniforms right away – shorts and polo shirts/T-shirts are just fine with us!

Star United uses a polo and athletic pants as their uniform!


  • Set VERY achievable goals – shoot for one parade and one standstill performance your first year. If you can do that, you’re well on your way to year number two. Able to do more? Great!
  • Look for performance opportunities in your community such as minor league baseball games, parades, festivals, civic functions and corporate gigs. End your summer season with a SoundSport event or two.
  • Can’t make it to a live event? Participate in one of our virtual events where you send in a video of your show and 3 judges evaluate and provide helpful recorded comments on your performance.

2015 SoundSport Indianapolis Competition


  • Let us know how we can help to promote your group. Send us photos and video clips. Tag us in your social media messaging so we can share your info!
  • As a SoundSport participant, you will receive exclusive access to resource guides to help you effectively plan and manage your ensemble.

Need additional advice? Schedule a call with our development team using the form below. We’re here to make your dream a reality!