2024 SoundSport Participation Survey

Completing the Survey:

  1. Complete your contact information.
  2. Select the SoundSport Tour Event(s) where your ensemble is interested in performing.

NOTE: the purpose of this survey is to collect interest as we put together a schedule for the 2024 season. Indicating interest does not guarantee a performance slot. 

Event Survey:

When will your ensemble be ready to perform? (Date format MM/DD/YYYY)

In how many events do you realistically wish to participate?
What is the farthest drive from your home base you are prepared to make?
Considering safe driver hours, length of event day, and quality-of-life/comfort of participants, how many nights total have you budgeted for hotel stays?
The following are possible destinations with SoundSport competitions being considered, based on interest. Please select the locations you are interested in.
Press CTRL or CMD + Click to select multiple
Interest in Virtual Performance Opportunities:
Please let us know if you are interested in any other performance opportunities not listed or if you have any other questions or comments not covered by the above survey questions:

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