SoundSport® welcomes Band Shoppe, a leading marching apparel manufacturer, as a Founding Partner. A program of Drum Corps International® (DCI), SoundSport® is an exciting new performance format for instrumental music performance ensembles, engaging and showcasing performers of all ages and with any instrumentation.

Band Shoppe has been a family owned and operated business for 44 years, and has amassed an impressive list of clients featuring custom uniforms, flags, and other accessories for some of the world’s top performing groups.   

On signing the agreement between Band Shoppe and SoundSport®, Band Shoppe President Jay Pearison stated, “Band Shoppe has always looked for innovative ways to reach our target audience, and we see the partnership with SoundSport® as an excellent fit into our current marketing strategy. We are able to expand our brand into diverse markets, while at the same time help to ensure our partners at SoundSport® and DCI have the resources to remain leaders in music and marching arts advocacy across the world. Our company is excited to see the growth and development of SoundSport®, as the organization provides member units performance opportunities on a local, small-scale, and affordable level. The significance of this cannot be stressed at a time when funding and travel expenses are creating unfortunate obstacles for our music and marching community. Our company has capabilities to serve the largest, most well-funded groups, but it is also important to emphasize our commitment to providing excellent products and superior customer support to any organization, no matter their size or budget constraints. Every customer is considered part of our family, so of course we work as diligently as we can to take care of them. We are proud of our company core values, and we are honored to help contribute to the next generation of performers that DCI and SoundSport® will feature this upcoming year.”

About Band Shoppe: Band Shoppe, a division of Pearison, Inc., is a marching apparel and supply company based in Southwest Indiana. Founded in 1970, Band Shoppe has produced and supplied some of the world’s top marching and performing arts organizations with high quality products at competitive prices. Band Shoppe employs approximately 85 employees, many of which have been with the company 25 years or more. The company is family owned and operated, and maintains two other divisions that specialize in cheerleading and corporate/athletic apparel and branding solutions. You can follow Band Shoppe online at or on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and other social media outlets. 

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