Event Schedule

This year’s upcoming SoundSport Events are:

No Events

Check back in the coming weeks for additions to the 2020 SoundSport schedule!

Virtual Events

SoundSport® Virtual Performance Events, powered by e-Adjudicate Online Judging, utilize technology in a creative new way  to spotlight SoundSport Team’s unique talents and creativity like never before. Through an online portal, participants will receive invaluable input from nationally-recognized performing arts education professionals and feedback to help them maximize their ensemble’s performance strengths, while refining areas of opportunity to create high-achieving, highly-entertaining performances. As part of the virtual adjudication process, teams will receive audio commentary on their performance in addition to receiving an official SoundSport achievement ranking. Through this unique virtual opportunity, SoundSport teams can work to refine their programs while eliminating transportation costs for ensembles, while also giving them more time to focus on achieving their personal best.

To participate in SoundSport Virtual Performance Events:

  1. Visit the e-Adjudicate website.
  2. Create an account or log-in.
  3. Upload your video
  4. Choose your SoundSport Judges

How will SoundSport events be scheduled?

As more teams form in geographic areas, we’ll begin to schedule live SoundSport® competitions that keep the performing teams in a local area. The goal is to get our participating teams to take day trips to competitions but not have to stay overnight.

There will also be a number of non-competitive performance opportunities in your area. These are a great way to get your members used to performing in front of a live audience while gaining exposure for your group which can help in fund-raising, sponsorships and membership recruitment, and in other ways as well. Some of these opportunities may include:

  • Store Grand Opening Events
  • Carnivals and Fairs
  • Amusement Parks
  • Patriotic Events
  • Community Festivals
  • School and Sporting Events
  • Church Events