Phenom Earns Silver Rating in SoundSport Virtual Performance

We are pleased to congratulate Phenom, a program of the Arizona Academy of the Performing Arts, for being awarded a Silver Rating for their performance in a SoundSport Virtual Performance.

To particpate, Phenom recorded a performance of their 2015 SoundSport program “One Night in Havana” and submitted it for adjudication through the SoundSport Virtual Performance Opportunity. Three judges reviewed their tape and gave them the following rating:

Music Performance: Silver
Visual Performance: Silver
Overall Impression: Silver

Utilizing technology in a creative new way, SoundSport Virtual Performance Opportunities provide SoundSport teams the opportunity to receive invaluable input from nationally-recognized performing arts education professionals and feedback to help them maximize their ensemble’s performance strengths, while refining areas of opportunity to create high-achieving, highly-entertaining performances.

Through this unique virtual opportunity, SoundSport teams can work to refine their programs while eliminating transportation costs for ensembles, while also giving them more time to focus on achieving their personal best. This opportunity is also ideal for International ensembles who would like to participate without incurring travel costs.


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Author: Eric Hjellming

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