DCUK and DCI build partnership with SoundSport

Drum Corps United Kingdom (DCUK) are pleased to announce that they are entering into strategic partnership with Drum Corps International (DCI) and, as well as continuing to offer DrumLine Battle™, will now also be integrating SoundSport® events into its calendar.

SoundSport® was introduced by DCI in 2013 and is designed to be local, low cost and entertaining for both the participants and the audience. Teams can be alumni corps, small drum corps or even from colleges/schools – whatever you can dream up. There are no age restrictions, all instruments are legal and you start a team with as little as five members. Shows are 5-7 minutes in length with a focus on music and showmanship.

Alan Thompson (Chairman of Marching & Performing Arts UK) and Joe Fitzpatrick (Vice President of DCUK/MPAUK) have held regular meetings with representatives from DCI over the past three years and two seasons ago introduced DrumLine Battle™ to the UK. Now adding SoundSport® to the opportunities available within DCUK is seen as a natural extension to its portfolio and also brings the benefit of a worldwide brand which, since in inception, has seen teams/events in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Holland, Brazil, China, Guatemala & Eastern Europe.

“DCUK was re-launched in 2008 and at that time we saw the membership increase however over the past 2 to 3 years there has been a slight reduction in the number of Corps taking an active role and across the activity there has been a general decline in competing units year on year…” said Alan Thompson on behalf of DCUK, “…and so bringing SoundSport® into the range of opportunities we can offer performing groups, specifically with the support and backup that DCI provide, is part of a medium to long term strategy to ensure we can secure our future”.

“We’re excited to expand the SoundSport concept through this partnership with DCUK,” said John DeNovi, DCI’s Senior Director of Global Business Development. “SoundSport was created to allow groups of all shapes, sizes and instrumental configurations worldwide the opportunity to take their place on stage in a low-cost, low-barrier to entry marching music performance experience. We’re enthusiastic about the large and immediate potential for growth of the marching arts in the UK.”

Alan added “The encouragement and backing offered by DCI when we introduced their DrumLine Battle™ into the past two DCUK British Championships events made it an easy decision to expand our partnership to include SoundSport and I would personally like to thank Dan Acheson, John DeNovi and Eric Hjellming for their continued support of the UK activity and I am excited to see how these enhancements will help us grow Drum Corps for the future.”

Full details of the events this summer in the UK offering SoundSport® will be announced soon but any team interested in registering their interest now for SoundSport® or DrumLine Battle™ should contact DCUK at admin@dcuk.org.uk.


About Drum Corps International®, SoundSport® and DrumLine Battle™

Drum Corps International is the world leader in producing and sanctioning competitive events for the world’s most elite and exclusive touring marching music ensembles for student performers. Combined with its DrumLine Battle and SoundSport program offerings, DCI engages tens of thousands of students in performance opportunities around the world.

SoundSport® events showcase instrumental ensembles of any instrumentation and any skill level year-round, spotlighting their unique talents and creativity like never before.

DrumLine Battle™ events showcase marching percussion ensembles of any instrumentation and any skill level year-round, spotlighting their unique talents and creativity in a high energy face-to-face competition.

For additional information, visit DCI.org, SoundSport.com and DrumLineBattle.com.

Author: Eric Hjellming

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