It is with great pleasure that we can announce that, under the banner of the Southern Knights Performing Arts organisation, a new musical ensemble has been setup in Brighton & Hove, United Kingdom. Under the direction of Paul Townsend, this group will comprise of G brass instruments plus a small percussion section.

The repertoire will include fun and funky music that is instantly recognizable, and the sole aim is to entertain.

WHAT WE ARE NOT – a drum corps, or traditional marching band – we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we won’t be wearing uniforms or marching a show or travelling to the USA to compete on a football field at DCI or DCA but we have been inspired by the introduction of SoundSport into the UK by Drum Corps United Kingdom.

WHAT WE ARE – fun loving, entertaining, not afraid to try new things – a cross between Bridgemen –, Mnozil Brass – and Meute –

We are looking for horn players, a few percussionists (can be kit or marching snare/base drum/quads) and potentially a marimba/xylophone as well (especially if you have your own instrument).

We practice once a week, for 2 hours on a Wednesday night in Brighton.

We are planning on performing in a few SoundSport shows but our aim is to entertain (not win) in addition we will be busking and performing at paid events throughout the country.

Alan Thompson, Chairman of Southern Knights added “Knowing Pauls commitment and drive, from when he was heavily involved back 20+ years ago with Southern Knights when we had a very active Drum Corps, so to be able to support him in the new venture was an easy decision and I wish them all the best of luck.”

If you would like to know more please message Paul directly on Facebook at @paultownsend or via email at

For more details regarding this Press Release please contact Alan Thompson at

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