The stage is set for the first official SoundSport event in Latin America on Friday, September 11, 2015.

SoundSport Guatemala will engage 16 participating ensembles hailing from Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador. Of these participants, 8 teams will compete in the SoundSport division with the rest competing as a Drum & Bugle Corps. Consisting of marching bands, show bands and drum & bugle corps, spectators will be treated to an afternoon of music, entertainment and wide variety of performances.

The event is hosted at Estadio Mario Camposeco, home to one of the most traditional football clubs in Guatemala, Xelajú MC, in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, the second largest city in the country.

Among the competitive line up is La Patria Drum & Bugle Corps, a local Drum & Bugle Corps who participated in the 2014 Drum Corps International Tour as an International participant. For more information on La Patria’s 2014 trip to USA click here.

The competition lineup is:

8:00 am- Welcome & Announcements
8:15 am- Minerva Marching Band
8:30 am- Berea Marching Band
8:45 am- Capels Marching Band
9:00 am- La Patria Cobán Marching Band
9:15 am- Parrot Marching Band
9:30 am- Mega Show Band Evan Ezer
9:45 am- Gospel Marching Band
10:00 am- Búhos Guatemala

10:15 am- Intermission

10:40 am- La Patria Kids Drum & Bugle Corps
11:00 am- La Familia Drum & Bugle Corps
11:20 am- León de Judá Drum & Bugle Corps
11:40 am- Higa Drum & Bugle Corps
12:00 am- Bethel Drum & Bugle Corps
12:20 am- C.E.I. Drum & Bugle Corps
12:40 am- ESFAQ Drum & Bugle Corps
1:00 am- La Patria Xela Drum & Bugle Corps

SoundSport Guatemala is operated by Drum Corps Guatemala. Founded in 2015, this nongovernmental organization is dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of the arts which they operate in Guatemala through annual activities to benefit children and youth. Drum Corps Guatemala works with many major bodies launched in Latin America who promote artistic, educational and organizational development of musical ensembles.

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