One of the goals of the SoundSport® program has always been to develop and grow based on the feedback and needs of our participating ensembles. Today we are pleased to announce that due to popular demand, six classes for SoundSport® competitions have been created effective immediately:

These six competitive classes for SoundSport® are:

1. Cadet (13 years and under) with 5-50 members
2. Cadet (13 years and under) with 51 or more members
3. Youth (up to 21 years) with 5-50 members
4. Youth (up to 21 years) with 51 or more members
5. All-Age with 5-50 members
6. All-Age with 51 or more members

Age class will be determined by the oldest member of an ensemble. An older age class can include participants who are younger than the ages outlined.

As more teams join SoundSport®, additional competitive classes may be added to best suit the performing ensembles.

The largest impact this will have on ensembles is that participating teams will no longer be capped at a 50 member limit, they will just move up to the larger class! All teams will perform in the same 30 yard by 20 yard performance area, regardless of size.

Team SoundSport® would like to thank every one of our directors, participants, and fans for your continued feedback on our program as we continue to refine SoundSport®. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

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