Event registration for four of the official 2014 SoundSport Competitions is now open!

The dates and locations of these four competitions are:

  • 7/19/2014 – San Antonio, Texas
  • 7/25/2014 – Huntsville, Alabama
  • 7/26/2014 – Atlanta, Georgia
  • 8/9/2014 – Indianapolis, IN

To register for any of these four events, please complete and submit the 2014 SoundSport and DrumLineBattle Participation Form. This form lists the participation fees for these SoundSport competitions. Please remember your participation includes a DCI event ticket for every paid registration!

In order to secure your spot in any of these competitive lineups, you must complete the Event Registration form and return it to our office either with either the full balance of your participation fees or a $150 non-refundable down-payment (if submitted by May 1, 2014). PLEASE NOTE: Each event’s competitive line up will be set based on your registration date, so the first team to postmark/fax their registration will perform last, second will perform next to last, etc.!

Late registration: Registration for events is accepted after May 1, but your participation can only be reserved with the payment of your full participation fee.

To confirm your participation and be finalized on the competitive schedule for your chosen event(s), your team must pay the balance of your participation fees and submit your 2014 SoundSport Registration Packet documents by June 15th.

You will notice that the 2014 SoundSport and DrumLine Battle Event Registration Form has a column for you to fill in the number of fans who are attending an event with you. We urge you to bring your friends, family, and supporters along to see all your hard work pay off! By purchasing tickets through your team, those fans will receive tickets at the same rate as your members’ participation fee and they will be placed in the same ticket block as your team! You may add additional fans to your ticket order at a later date after you submit your registration form, however, there is no guarantee that their tickets will be in the same location as your team’s block.

One additional events note: We are currently investigating a California SoundSport Competition. West Coast SoundSport teams, stay tuned and we will release any updates as we are able!

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns at soundsport@dci.org!

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